La Tristesse Durera Toujours

I am the happiest person on the planet.  I am deeply in love with the love of my life, we have the sweetest cat, a roof over our heads, the means to create… Continue reading

Dear old Soulmate

I’ve slowly forgotten your soul. Your tormented, old soul that felt deeply, that felt broken, that felt every single particle of being, of your so miserable and passionate existence.  I’ve slowly forgotten about… Continue reading


Que insolencia la mía, desear a un cuerpo como si me perteneciera.  Que insolencia la mía creerme dueña de sus deseos, de sus más oscuros secretos.  Como si yo fuese pan de cada… Continue reading

A brief introduction of a soul

What a gloomy day. (Honestly written the day after January 5th) Today, 27 years ago, I was born, on January 5th, in a small town called Köping, in a country called Sweden. Today,… Continue reading

Happiness part 84

And so she finally said:  “I’ve let happiness slip through my fingers once again”.


Te veo en todas partes. Te veo dentro de mis párpados, te veo en mis sueños, te veo en cada esquina de la ciudad, te veo en cada rostro. Te siento en todas… Continue reading


I can’t do this anymore. She thought once more. It’s something she had been repeating to herself a lot lately, too often; but for some reason she couldn’t seem to bring herself to stop… Continue reading

Quién soy 

Te siento tan cerca, tan lejos, tan profundo. Vida, que es lo que siento? Pero, te siento con ganas, te siento con sangre.


He stared at the moon, as if she could hear him through it. Where are you, my love? What have you been up to? oh, Me? You know, thinking of you, wishing you… Continue reading


Me es tan difícil pensar en libertad, sin pensar en tus arrebatos. A pesar de encontrar la paz entre tus silencios, tan gratos, tan obscenos, siempre me pregunto de tu felicidad. La tuya;… Continue reading